We cannot resist our Easter Desserts!


Vanilla-Strawberry Easter Egg 8”

Vanilla-Strawberry Easter Eggs Ind.

The Vanilla-Strawberry Easter Eggs are made with a vanilla cake topped with strawberry filling, covered with pink icing and decorated with chocolate shavings, chocolate icing and pieces of chocolate.

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Irresistible Crunchy Easter Egg 8”

Irresistible Crunchy Easter Eggs Ind.

Our Irresistible Crunchy Easter Eggs are based on a brownie cake topped with a creamy chocolate mousse, milk chocolate crisp and dark chocolate icing, decorated with English toffee, roasted almonds and pieces of chocolate.

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Triple Chocolate Mousse 10×14”

The Triple Chocolate Mousse is a slab cake made from a brownie with dark, milk and white chocolate Bavarian creams, decorated with brown Easter bunnies topping. You have the option between a precut cake in 24, 30, 35, 40, 80 pieces or simply uncut.

Uncut #64060 • Precut #64061






Sugar Cream Mousse 10×14”

Our Sugar Cream Mousse is a vanilla slab cake topped with a sugar cream mousse, decorated with pink Easter bunnies topping. You can choose between the precut option in 24, 30, 35, 40 or 80 pieces, or the uncut version.

Uncut #64080 • Precut #64081






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