We cannot resist our Easter Desserts!


Strawberry Shortcake Easter Egg 8”

Strawberry Shortcake Easter Eggs Ind.

The Strawberry Shortcake Easter Eggs are made with a vanilla cake topped with lemon cream cheese filling, strawberry filling and yellow icing, decorated with pieces of chocolate and white chocolate shavings.

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Irresistible Crunchy Easter Egg 8”

Irresistible Crunchy Easter Eggs Ind.

Our Irresistible Crunchy Easter Eggs are based on a brownie cake topped with a creamy chocolate mousse, milk chocolate crisp and dark chocolate icing, decorated with English toffee, roasted almonds and pieces of chocolate.

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Ultra Chocolate Easter Egg 8”

Ultra Chocolate Easter Eggs Ind.

Our Ultra Chocolate Easter Eggs are a chocolate cake layered with a rich dark chocolate cream cheese filling, covered with dark chocolate icing and decorated with pieces of chocolate and vanilla buttercream.

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Triple Chocolate Mousse 10×14”

The Triple Chocolate Mousse is a slab cake made from a brownie with dark, milk and white chocolate Bavarian creams, decorated with brown Easter bunnies topping. You have the option between a precut cake in 24, 30, 35, 40, 80 pieces or simply uncut.

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Exotic Mousse 10×14”

Our Exotic Mousse is a vanilla slab cake topped with a light mango and passion fruit mousse, decorated with pink Easter bunnies topping. You can choose between the precut option in 24, 30, 35, 40 or 80 pieces, or the uncut version.

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