From classic to original flavours, our Pastry Chefs have created for your patrons festive and delicious Holiday desserts !

Our Deluxe Yule Logs 12” and Mini Deluxe Yule Logs

Dulce de Leche Yule Log #70119 and Mini Dulce de Leche Yule Logs #70118 ~ NEW DESSERT !

Covered with white chocolate and caramel icing, this yule log is made from a chocolate brownie garnished with Dulce de Leche and caramel Bavarian cream, decorated with crunchy chocolate pearls and chocolate pieces.



Imperial Ingot #70110 and Mini Imperial Ingots #70109

The Imperial Ingot is crafted from an almond biscuit filled with a crunchy milk chocolate and a dark chocolate mousse. Glazed with dark chocolate, it is topped with crunchy chocolate pearls, chocolate pieces and gold dust.



Red Fruits-Cheesecake Yule Log #70117 and Mini Red Fruits-Cheesecake Yule Logs #70116

You want to be more than ordinary? This yule log has pieces of strawberry-cheesecake on the inside and on the outside! Its vanilla sponge cake is garnished with raspberry and cheese mousses, topped with red icing, dark chocolate decor and gold dust.


Triple Chocolate Yule Log #70074 and Mini Triple Chocolate Yule Logs #70073

Chocolate lovers will be highly satisfied with this brownie topped with three layers of dark, white and milk chocolate Bavarian creams, dark chocolate ganache, white chocolate icing, chocolate pieces and crunchy chocolate pearls!


Our Classic Yule Logs 10” and Mini Classic Yule Logs

Choconut Yule Log #70121 and Mini Choconut Yule Logs #70120 ~ NEW DESSERT !

A perfect mix of chocolate and coconut! Garnished with a chocolate mousse, our vanilla sponge cake is mixed with coconut shavings and is topped with dark chocolate shavings and icing sugar.



Sugar Cream Yule Log #70095 and Mini Sugar Cream Yule Logs #70094

Offer your patrons our traditionnal Sugar Cream Yule Log! Made from a vanilla roulade and a light sugar cream filling, it is decorated with dark chocolate shavings and icing sugar.



Black Forest Yule Log #70102 and Mini Black Forest Yule Logs #70101

This chocolate roulade goes perfectly with our mix of cherry filling and 35% real cream. Our maraschino cherries, dark chocolate shavings and cocoa powder on top make the best and cutest Black Forest!


Mousse Slab Cakes  ~ Available cut or uncut Cut options : 24, 30, 35, 40 or 80 pieces

Ultra Chocolate Mousse ~ Cut #70108 and uncut #70107

Our dark chocolate cream cheese is set between two chocolate sponge cakes and covered with a Christmas tree pattern topping.


Vanilla-Cranberry Mousse ~ Cut #70106 and uncut #70105

This slab cake is made with a vanilla sponge cake topped with vanilla mousse and cranberry glaze, with a snowflakes pattern topping.

Limited Edition. Place your order quickly for a maximum product selection, even though they will be available starting November 11th.