Hearts and Chocolate: A Match Made in Heaven

Discover our romantic treats made with love!

Our New Cakes ~ Sweet Choco-Raspberry hearts
6 inches format and individual portions available

So romantic! These heart-shaped cakes are made from a chocolate sponge cake and a raspberry mousse. They are covered with red icing and decorated with vanilla buttercream and a piece of chocolate.

The Inseparables ~ Choco-Strawberry Duo
Individual portions #61073

Put two cakes together to create a heart! Each of them is made with white chocolate Bavarian cream and strawberry filling, covered with chocolate ganache or strawberry glaze, and decorated with a piece of chocolate.

The pastries come in a blister of 12 units each.

Our Classics ~ Triple chocolate Hearts
6 inches format #61019
Individual portions #61029

Our delicious chocolate sponge cake is covered with three layers of dark, white and milk chocolate Bavarian cream, decorated with dark chocolate
ganache and pieces of chocolate.

Chocolate mousse slab cake
Chocolate mousse slab cake

Our chocolate mousse slab cake is made with chocolate sponge cake covered with smooth dark chocolate mousse and topped with a chocolate heart pattern ganache.

You can order it already cut in 24, 30, 35, 40 or 80 portions. #61039

Or simply uncut. #61038

Limited edition
We advise you to order your products before February 1st to benefit from a maximum of choice!