Our mission is to share our passion for pastry. Our dedication for quality is reflected in our products and services and in the way we treat with respect our customers, employees and community. Our creativity is there for you since 1977 and we take at heart perpetuation of the authentic European gastronomy tradition to the North American market.



Our company was founded in 1977 when Jacques and Colette Durot left France to establish themselves in Canadian land. With passion and determination, they found their own business; a neighborhood bakery. Since that day, France Délices never stopped growning and is now the most important craft shop in Quebec.

France Délices is still family owned. With approximately 190 employees, she is proudly serving more than 1000 patrons such as airlines and railway companies, food chains, hotels, restaurants and institutions across North America.

At France Délices, we have remained true to our tradition of excellence, offering only products of the highest quality. Through the years we have been awarded many prizes for the quality and the innovative character of our product offering. The success of our company is attributed to the fact that our Pastry Chefs and Research and Development Chefs work in concert to create new and original trend setting desserts, and our strength resides in the know-how and dexterity of our employees. We can adapt ourselves to the constant changing needs of the market while keeping our traditional artisanal vocation.

People with Values and Principles

Our attitude and teamwork are reflected in the way we treat our customers, co-workers and community. This vision is collectively shared and empowered with our employees. 


Our quality is reflected in a beautiful and tasteful product. Furthermore, it must also meet our customer’s expectations of excellence and product consistency.


Respect consists of demonstrating a sense of appreciation towards our customers, co-workers and our community.


Team spirit means that everyone is working in the same direction with common objectives and assisting one another to reach that goal.


For us, this value means to stay true to ourselves and to do things our way.


Creativity is to be one step ahead our competitors and being able to step out of the box. We are showing leadership and always reinventing ourselves.


Our Contribution to the Community 

We are conscious about the losses that a food company can generate. That's why we are proud to give our surplus to charities and non-profit organizations. We are minimizing our impact on the environment, avoiding food waste and making others happy !

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Action Nouvelle Vie

Centre Communautaire Hochelaga

Fondation d’Aide Direct

Moisson Montréal

Resto Pop

Fondation Dr Julien

La Rue des Femmes

Cap St-Barnabé

Mission Bon Accueil

Maison du Père

Petits Bonheurs

Unité sans violence - Service de Police de la Ville de Montréal - Agent de Concertation SEMCJ Sud

Regroupement pour la Valorisation de la Paternité (RVP)